Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Summer League


This league is a 6 week league using a match-point structure to award players points toward their standings. The rules being used are the standard rules set, including FAQ’s and Errata released by Games Workshop, as well as the Beta Rules for Katophrane Relics.

Players play best-of-three matches. Players are permitted to play up to two matches per week for match points.

Match points are awarded as follows:
Match win: 3 points
Match draw: 2 points
Match loss: 1 point

Additional points are rewarded once for having a painted warband. To earn these point, a player must either submit a photo of their warband or have a store employee photograph their warband.

This league started on June 3rd, 2018 and is expected to end on July 8th, 2018 with a multi-player capture the relic battle.

Current Standings

The following chart shows the current standings and points earned for the most recent week. Currently, we are in week 3.
NOTE: These standings do not include points for painted Warbands.

Week 6 Capture the Relic Rules

On Sunday July 8th, 2018, a multiplayer Capture the Relic battle will replace the standard match-play structure.

The rules for this event will follow standard multi-player free-for-all rules, with some minor tweaks.

First of those tweaks will be the inclusion of a relic at the center of the battlefield. Controlling the relic at the end of an action phase will reward a player TWO Valor points.

Second of the rules changes is that control of the relic will allow the controlling player to equip a Katophrane Relic for 1 Valor rather than 2 Valor.

The third and final change is that killing or pushing a fighter in control of the relic will reward 1 Valor (if the fighter is slain, this is in addition to the Valor for killing him or her) . This is to give an additional reward for control denial that otherwise is not in the rules.