How Long is This League, Anyway?

Many of you may have been wondering how long our Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Summer League is going to run. This was a complicated decision to make, which I’ll detail. If you’re just looking for the TLDR version, just skip to the last paragraph.

Originally, our league was going to be eight weeks and run alongside all of our escalation leagues. Then we got to thinking: how is everyone supposed to find the time to play a game of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, and two matches of Shadespire every week?

Well, we could have just said “figure it out” and ran them that way, but that’s not really how we do things around here. So, we decided to trim the Shadespire league to six weeks. We figured that based on the size of our following, six weeks would be ideal, and expected about ten players to participate.

We ended up having six players participate in the league. Six active players is fine, and is definitely not a problem. However, playing two matches per week means that after three weeks, each player should have played everyone at least once. Running the league should be limited to playing each player no more than once just to prevent the games from getting stale.

That lead us to determine that the league would last six weeks. The first five weeks will be regular play, with the final sixth week being a special Capture the Relic battle day. This sixth week will not reward points, but prizes for playing during the league will be awarded on this week. Capture the Relic will use the standard multiplayer rules with victory points awarded for each end phase that a player controls the relic. More details to come on Capture the Relic in a future post.

What’s your thoughts? Is the league too long or short? Is the match structure too much to keep up with?

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