D&D Nights Coming Soon

Dungeons and Dragons is a staple game system among the owners of Gryphon’s Roost Gaming and our friends, so it’s not surprising that many of our customers also play whenever they get a chance. It’s not uncommon for people to say that they used to play regularly with a group of friends, but adulting just couldn’t stay away long enough for the campaign to continue.

We understand fully that not everyone has a group that can get together every week. As a result, we’re working hard to find a way for everyone to have a chance to play in a stable group. We’re considering multiple options, and it’s probably going to come down to customer decisions rather than the store’s decisions on how we approach D&D.

Here’s the options we are looking at:

  1. Wizards Play Network’s Adventurer’s League
    Wizards Play Network has a system that allows anyone to sign up and create a character that they can take to any participating store and play in modules for loot and experience. My biggest concern is that not many stores around the area support this system, so players may lose interest, or the modules may not offer enough challenge to players that want to run Adventurer’s League often. This option is likely to be a great stepping stone for new players and players waiting to get into a local store or private campaign, as well as players that travel or move often (think business travel and military moves; This is how I used to play D&D while in the Army)
  2. Store-run Bi-Weekly Campaign
    This option would be great to have a persistent campaign run at the store by a store DM. This is also a great option for new players and returning players, but hardcore players might not find this campaign to their liking since it will likely be managed in a way that foregoes complex rules in order to maintain momentum. This campaign will not be appropriate for “power gamers” that enjoy min-maxing their character through the rules, as the DM will go to great lengths to prevent power gamers from monopolizing play.
  3. Private Groups Facilitated by the Store
    This is where we hope to see most of our core D&D players in the long-term after exploring one or both of the first two options. Private games tend to cater to people that have created bonds through other means, and the campaign and memories have more of a lasting impression. Additionally, like-minded players can become involved with a DM that’s more flexible when it comes to play styles, and campaigns can become more detail-oriented, making some stories last significantly longer than a single session.

Implementing some of these things may take some time. I’ll be posting to Facebook about this more this weekend, but in the meantime, leave a comment to let me know your thoughts. Player input is really what’s going to shape our store, our play space, and our campaigns, so the more input we have, the better these things are going to be.

-Anthony Ortiz

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